Lapland Lounge

20 45 m²

Full day: 75€ + VAT /person (min. 4 peop­le)

Half day: 50€ + VAT /person (min. 4 peop­le)

Hour­ly: upon request

Do you need the space for a lon­ger peri­od? Con­ta­ct our staff!

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Theater (20p)
Conference (14p)

Lapland Lounge is a bright, glass-wal­led room with a sim­plistic wil­der­ness world ensu­ring the atmo­s­phe­re you need for a lively trai­ning day or a lar­ger mee­ting. Lapland Lounge has a sofa cor­ner for casu­al work and a pro­jec­tor for tho­se fly­ing sli­des. Mobi­le fur­ni­tu­re allows for a class­room set­up for a trai­ning day, as well as crea­ti­ve opti­ons for effi­ci­ent group work or a board mee­ting.


If you need addi­tio­nal space for group brea­k­out ses­si­ons or a rela­xing brea­k­out zone for your team, the open Light­house Area next to Lapland Lounge is per­fect. Ask us about using this as your extra space.