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Keilaranta 15 B
2nd floor
02150 Espoo


The best way to arrive to Smartvillage is by public transportation.

The clo­sest bus stops are Ota­nie­men­sil­ta and Keilar­an­ta (100 meters).

Clo­sest metro sta­ti­on: Kei­la­nie­mi (350 meters).


Arri­ving to HTC Water­front:

Smart­vil­la­ge is in the HTC Water­front ‑buil­ding, in Keilar­an­ta 15. Enter the buil­ding through the A‑lobby to find Smart­vil­la­ge on the right-hand side on the 2nd floor of the B‑tower.


Arriving by car:

HTC Water­front has 2‑hour visi­tor par­king spaces. For a lon­ger par­king per­mit, plea­se give the lob­by ser­vice the num­ber pla­te of your car and let them know you are visi­t­ing Smart­vil­la­ge. The­re are about 35 visi­tor par­king spaces for all of HTC Waterfront’s guests.



Arriving from the airport?

Hop in a taxi (30 min) or take the train to the Cen­tral Rail­way Sta­ti­on and get on the metro to Kei­la­nie­mi (1h 15 min).

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