Smartvillage @ HTC Waterfront – your business event platform in Keilaniemi

Would you like an inspiring venue for your corporate event or team sprint?

Smart­vil­la­ge is a mul­ti­func­tio­n­al event house, offe­ring an inspi­ring envi­ron­ment and solid ser­vice for all kinds of events. space allows for a rela­xed atmo­s­phe­re and a fle­xi­ble approach to work­shops, dev sprints and pro­ject kick-offs.

Let us know how you want your event to look like, and we’ll choo­se the best room or com­bi­na­ti­on of rooms, adjus­ting the ambi­an­ce accord­ing to your needs. Fresh bre­ak­fast boost? A bub­bly drink at just the right moment? A rela­xed atmo­s­phe­re during breaks? Adap­ti­ve faci­li­ties and respon­si­ve staff? No pro­blem.

This is


You are a room­ma­te, always wel­co­me and one we always have a warm smi­le for and reach our hel­ping hand out to.


The­re is no need to pre­tend or act. Make yours­elf at home and enjoy being the rela­xed, holi­day You in a working envi­ron­ment.


We live and love our net­work. The­re is always some­thing going on at Smart­vil­la­ge and you can’t avo­id mee­ting ama­zing peop­le.


Our workspaces don’t limit you. They are desi­gned to pro­vi­de enough room for crea­ti­vi­ty, new thoughts and play­ful but pro­duc­tive ways of working.


It’s like a man­tra to us: move the desks, form a sit­ting cir­cle and get wild. Use every inch of the space as you want.

Our spaces. Your possibilities!

When will we see each other?