170 166m²

Full Day: 2.499 € (excl. VAT)
Hour­ly: upon request

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Projector Screen
Projector Screen

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Theaterstyle (170p)
Conferencestyle (80p)

Success as massive as a mountain

Wet­ter­stein is our lar­gest works­pace com­po­sed of Alp­spit­ze and Zug­spit­ze. If you have any need for a room capa­ble of accom­mo­da­ting a lar­ge num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants, then look no fur­ther. Allo­ca­ti­on of the avail­ab­le space is all up to your pre­fe­ren­ces. One lar­ge or many small work­sta­tions, you are free to choo­se and be crea­ti­ve in ways you have never been before.


The par­ti­ti­on wall can of cour­se be used to divi­de various groups from each other allowing for a seclu­ded envi­ron­ment when nee­ded. The­re is no room bet­ter sui­ted for lar­ge quan­ti­ties of peop­le in need of flexibility.