General Terms and Conditions of smartvillage München

§1 Gene­ral

  1. The fol­lowing gene­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons app­ly to all ser­vices of the smart­vil­la­ge that it pro­vi­des to its users / con­tract partners.
  2. The offer is aimed at both pri­va­te cus­to­mers and entrepreneurs.
  3. The work­shop rooms may be used by the user only for the desi­gna­ted ope­ra­ti­on and the sta­ted pur­po­se. A bre­ach of this pro­vi­si­on enti­t­les the smart­vil­la­ge to ter­mi­na­ti­on without notice


§2 Descrip­ti­on of services

The sub­ject of the offers and ser­vices of the smart­vil­la­ge is the ren­tal of mee­ting, event, office and work­shop space. Other ser­vices inclu­de the pro­vi­si­on of infra­st­ruc­tu­re; The­se inclu­de W‑LAN, bea­mer and other pre­sen­ta­ti­on mate­ri­al as well as the clea­ning. The­re is no legal claim to the­se services.


§3 access conditions

The ope­ning hours of the smart­vil­la­ge Pavil­lon in Gang­ho­fer­str. 66b are Mon — Fri from 9:00 — 18:00 clock. The smart­vil­la­ge is clo­sed on wee­kends and bank holidays.


§4 con­clu­si­on of contract

  1. By signing the sub­lea­se con­tract with the smart­vil­la­ge, the tariffs cho­sen by the user will be met.
  2. By signing, the user assu­res that the given data is com­ple­te and true. The user under­ta­kes to immedia­te­ly noti­fy the chan­ge of his per­so­nal data.


§5 tariffs and pay­ment methods

  1. All pri­ces of the smart­vil­la­ge are net pri­ces plus the app­li­ca­ble value added tax.
  2. Guests and users of the mee­ting and event rooms have a pay­ment term of 14 days upon rece­i­pt of our invoice. Our can­cel­la­ti­on poli­cy applies.
  3. Non-calen­dar invoices are paya­ble without deduc­tions wit­hin 14 days of the invoice date. From the begin­ning of default the smart­vil­la­ge is enti­t­led to assert the sta­tu­to­ry default inte­rest. Fur­ther­mo­re, smart­vil­la­ge can demand a lump-sum remin­der fee of € 5.00 per reminder.
  4. The dura­ti­on and pri­ces for the use of the pre­mi­ses are deter­mi­ned exclu­si­ve­ly by the order con­fir­ma­ti­on from the smart­vil­la­ge. If fixed pri­ces are sta­ted in the order con­fir­ma­ti­on and if more than 4 mon­ths lie bet­ween the con­clu­si­on of the con­tract and the pro­vi­si­on of the ser­vice, the smart­vil­la­ge is enti­t­led to make pri­ce chan­ges. The cate­ring can be orde­red in the con­fe­rence faci­li­ties and the adja­cent traf­fic are­as, only by the smart­vil­la­ge. An assign­ment to third par­ties wit­hin the pre­mi­ses is exclu­ded. For cate­ring, a pri­ce will be spe­ci­fied in the order confirmation.
  5. At con­tract signing abo­ve a total net reve­nue of €10,000, 20% of the total net reve­nue is due to pay­ment immedia­te­ly. This pay­ment is not refundable.


§6 Num­ber of participants

In the event of a devia­ting num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants to the offer, the cli­ent under­ta­kes to inform smart­vil­la­ge GmbH of this in wri­ting no later than 10 working days befo­re the event. This infor­ma­ti­on is con­si­de­red to be a gua­ran­te­ed part of the con­tract and will be taken into account in the final invoice.


§7 With­dra­wal from the contract

  • For events with a con­fir­med total net reve­nue of €1,- to €5000,-.
    • up to the 21st working day (Mon­day-Fri­day) befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall not pay any remuneration;
    • up to the 11th working day befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall pay 50% of the agreed remuneration;
    • up to the 6th working day befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall pay 70 % of the agreed remuneration.
    • In the event of can­cel­la­ti­on at a later date, the tho­tal remu­ne­ra­ti­on will be charged


  • For events with a con­fir­med total net reve­nue of €5000,- to €10.000,-.
    • up to the 41st working day (Mon­day-Fri­day) befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall not pay any remuneration;
    • up to the 26th working day befo­re the agreed start of the event the cus­to­mer shall pay 50 % of the agreed remuneration;
    • up to the 16th working day befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall pay 70 % of the agreed remuneration.
    • In the event of can­cel­la­ti­on at a later date, the total remu­ne­ra­ti­on will be charged.


  • For events with a con­fir­med total net reve­nue over €10,000.00,- a depo­sit of 20% of the total tur­no­ver must be paid. This amount is not refundable. 
    • up to the 41st working day befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall pay 50% of the agreed remu­ne­ra­ti­on, minus 20% of the amount alrea­dy paid;
    • up to the 26th working day befo­re the agreed start of the event, the cus­to­mer shall pay 70 % of the agreed remu­ne­ra­ti­on, minus 20% of the amount alrea­dy payed
    • In the event of can­cel­la­ti­on at a later date, the ent­i­re remu­ne­ra­ti­on will be char­ged, minus 20% of the amount alrea­dy payed


§8 Pri­va­cy

  1. The smart­vil­la­ge will com­ply with the regu­la­ti­ons on data pro­tec­tion accord­ing to the Euro­pean Data Pro­tec­tion Act ( DSGVO) and other legal regu­la­ti­ons on data protection.
  2. The user agrees that his per­so­nal data necessa­ry for the per­for­mance of the con­tract will be stored on data carriers.


§9 con­tract execution

  1. Sub-let­ting to third par­ties is excluded.
  2. The user does not attempt unaut­ho­ri­zed access to the infra­st­ruc­tu­re through hacking or simi­lar methods.
  3. The user con­firms that he will use the ser­vices and infra­st­ruc­tu­re of the smart­vil­la­ge for none of the fol­lowing acti­vi­ties: a. Use in con­nec­tion with sweep­sta­kes, MLM(Pyramid sche­mes), chain let­ters, spam e‑mail, or any other type of unso­li­ci­ted news or adver­ti­se­ment (both pri­va­te and busi­ness); b. Defa­ma­ti­on, misu­se, harass­ment, stal­king, thre­at or other vio­la­ti­on of law (such as pri­va­cy, per­so­nal rights) of indi­vi­du­als or com­pa­nies insi­de and out­side the cowor­king space; c. Dis­tri­bu­ti­on of immo­ral, offen­si­ve or other unlaw­ful mate­ri­als or data wit­hin or over the infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­vi­ded by the smart­vil­la­ge; d. Dis­tri­bu­ti­on or pro­vi­si­on of data con­tai­ning images, pho­to­graphs, soft­ware or other mate­ri­al that is sub­ject to intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty pro­tec­tion laws (eg trade­mark law); unless the user is the owner of the rights or has the aut­ho­riz­a­ti­on for dis­tri­bu­ti­on; e. Dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of data con­tai­ning viru­ses, Tro­jans, worms, bots or other mal­wa­re; f. Ille­gal down­load of copy­righ­ted data; G. Obst­ruc­ting or deter­ring other users from acces­sing and using the ser­vices and infra­st­ruc­tu­re of the smartvillage;


§10 war­ran­ty, liability

  1. The user has visi­ted the area in detail befo­re con­clu­ding the con­tract. He has to tole­ra­te this work and repair work and assu­res that he will not deri­ve any reduc­tion rights or dama­ge claims from pos­si­ble dama­ge to the buil­ding, if the smart­vil­la­ge has cau­sed this will­ful or gross­ly negligent.
  2. In all cases in which the smart­vil­la­ge is obli­ged to reim­bur­se­ment of dama­ges or reim­bur­se­ment of expen­ses due to con­trac­tu­al or sta­tu­to­ry claims, smart­vil­la­ge shall only be liable if it, its exe­cu­ti­ves or vica­rious agents are intent, gross negli­gence, or an inju­ry to life, limb or body Health is a bur­den. This does not affect the lia­bi­li­ty for the cul­p­a­ble vio­la­ti­on of essen­ti­al con­trac­tu­al obli­ga­ti­ons and gua­ran­tees. Howe­ver, the lia­bi­li­ty is limi­ted to the fore­see­ab­le, con­tract-typi­cal dama­ge. Lia­bi­li­ty for con­se­quen­ti­al dama­ge, in par­ti­cu­lar loss of pro­fit or com­pen­sa­ti­on for dama­ges of third par­ties, is exclu­ded, unless

The smart­vil­la­ge assu­mes no lia­bi­li­ty for the infrin­ge­ment of pro­per­ty rights of third par­ties in rela­ti­on to the work of users, as well as the trans­mis­si­on of data and data car­ri­ers by the user. The user is respon­si­ble for the fact that all com­pe­ti­ti­on law, copy­right, trade­mark, data law or other legal vio­la­ti­ons are omit­ted in the con­text of the con­trac­tu­al rela­ti­ons­hip to the smart­vil­la­ge. If the smart­vil­la­ge beco­mes awa­re of such legal vio­la­ti­ons, the con­trac­tu­al rela­ti­ons­hip will be ter­mi­na­ted immedia­te­ly. In the event of a bre­ach of law, the user of the smart­vil­la­ge is free from any claims of third par­ties. The user repla­ces the smart­vil­la­ge the cos­ts of legal action in the amount of legal fees in case


§11 insuran­ce

The smart­vil­la­ge is insu­red in its busi­ness acti­vi­ties. Howe­ver, the­re is no insuran­ce coverage for per­so­nal belon­gings of users. For this pur­po­se, the con­clu­si­on of a sui­ta­ble per­so­nal insuran­ce is recommended.


§12 Ter­mi­na­ti­on of the user relationship

  1. The user has to tre­at the items with care and hand them over to the smart­vil­la­ge after the end of the use in a con­trac­tu­al, defect-free and usable con­di­ti­on. Dama­ge to this or lost fur­nis­hings must be ful­ly reim­bur­sed to the smart­vil­la­ge by the user.
  2. The user must immedia­te­ly return all keys and key cards issued to the user to the smart­vil­la­ge at the end of the con­tract period.


§13 chan­ge of the AGB

The smart­vil­la­ge reser­ves the right to chan­ge the­se terms and con­di­ti­ons at any time. The chan­ge will be com­mu­ni­ca­ted to the user immedia­te­ly. If the user does not object to the chan­ge of the GTC wit­hin 14 days after rece­i­pt of the chan­ge noti­fi­ca­ti­on, the chan­ged GTC shall be deemed accepted.


§14 Final provisions

  1. Ver­bal col­la­te­ral agree­ments do not exist. All ancil­la­ry agree­ments must be in writing.
  2. The law of the Federal Repu­blic of Germany.
  3. The place of juris­dic­tion is the head­quar­ters of the smart­vil­la­ge in Munich.
  4. Should indi­vi­du­al pro­vi­si­ons be whol­ly or par­ti­al­ly inef­fec­ti­ve, or lose their legal vali­di­ty later, this shall not affect the vali­di­ty of the remai­ning terms and con­di­ti­ons. In this case, the par­ties under­ta­ke to replace the inva­lid pro­vi­si­on with an effec­ti­ve pro­vi­si­on which, as far as legal­ly pos­si­ble, most clo­se­ly reflects the inte­rests of the par­ties expres­sed in the­se terms and con­di­ti­ons. The same app­lies in the event that any addi­ti­ons are necessary.


Coro­na information: 

We con­se­quent­ly won’t grant access to visi­tors with con­ta­ct to CODIV-19 cases in the last 14 days, as well as per­sons with unspe­ci­fic gene­ral sym­ptoms and respi­ra­to­ry sym­ptoms of any seve­ri­ty. See our hygie­ne con­cept here.


Sta­tus of the Terms and Con­di­ti­ons : Janu­a­ry 2022

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