Coworking and virtual
office in Munich

Change of scenery for an easy-going work experience

Are you tired of working on your own? Loo­king for new impul­ses and ways to net­work? Then you will most defi­ni­te­ly be inte­res­ted in the cowor­king con­cept of our smart­vil­la­ge Munich. Our resi­dents expe­ri­ence New Work to its ful­lest poten­ti­al and are part of a com­mu­ni­ty which no lon­ger has any need for dis­gui­se and bias.

Wel­co­me new friends and col­leagues to a pro­fes­sio­nal and inno­va­ti­ve envi­ron­ment. Lea­ve behind one’s com­mon trou­bles and play­ful­ly explo­re new ways to reach your per­so­nal goals. Our cowor­king offers adapt to any of your needs which may arise.

Our offers.
Your coworking!

Your very own coworking desk

Are you some­bo­dy who likes to plan ahead? Know whe­re you will be spen­ding your work­day befo­re it even starts? Then our Cowor­king desks might be the workplace

you have always been loo­king for! A safe and com­for­ta­ble solu­ti­on acqui­red with just a few clicks.

Own Coworking-Desk

550€ per desk / mon­th (excl. VAT) / 3 mon­ths mini­mum term

Coworking with flexible workspace

Being inde­pen­dent and spon­ta­ne­ous about the adven­tures of the com­ing day? Then enjoy your free­dom with fle­xi­ble cowor­king spaces at smartvillage!

Our café and com­mu­ni­ty are­as are open to ever­y­bo­dy and should surely pro­vi­de you with a seat to your liking.

day pass

39€ (excl. VAT)

pass for 10 visits

249€ (excl. VAT)

Plea­se announ­ce yourself so we can plan ahead!

Virtual office as your
new business address

Are you in need of an open pho­ne line for enqui­ries or just a P.O box for cor­re­spon­dence? Our vir­tu­al office is the ide­al way of doing so.

Even without being phy­si­cal­ly pre­sent you will still be a resi­dent and so infor­med of any and every event in the upco­m­ing future.

virtual office

75€ per mon­th (ecxl. VAT)
3 mon­ths mini­mum term

When will we see each other?