We’re breaking up
with boring meetings.

Mean­while, we have libe­ra­ted more than 37,500 event par­ti­ci­pants from boring mee­ting rou­ti­nes, but we are still far away from reaching our goal. Every day, we com­bi­ne hos­pi­ta­li­ty ser­vice with an out­stan­ding feel-good atmo­s­phe­re, design aes­the­tics and func­tio­n­a­li­ty. There’s one thing the team is abso­lut­ly sure of: Ever­y­bo­dy deser­ves an unf­or­gett­able team event!


Foun­der and CEO


“smart­vil­la­ge is the per­fect place for com­pa­nies that want to invest more in their most valu­able resour­ce — their employees.” 

Unser Gründer uns Geschäftsführer Gerd


Mar­ke­ting manager


“smart­vil­la­ge is incredi­b­ly rich in inte­res­ting per­so­na­li­ties and their sto­ries! This diver­si­ty inspi­res me everyday.” 

Unsere Marketing-und Communications-Managerin


Mar­ke­ting assistant


“Our task: Get­ting teams out of their work rou­ti­ne for a day. Crea­ting a fan­tastic ambi­ence and homey feel-good atmo­s­phe­re with a real expe­ri­ence fac­tor for everyone.” 

Nina at smartvillage



“What to say? Seems like I’m the cutest argu­ment to come back!” 

Das ist unsere gute Seele Emma


Hos­pi­ta­li­ty lead, Deco queen


“smart­vil­la­ge comes to live through its lovin­g­ly deco­ra­ted work­shop rooms and com­mu­ni­ty are­as that — depen­ding on the sea­son — exu­des spe­cial magic. My favou­rite one: Chistmas!” 

Laura talking about our current CEO and founder Lukas
Unser CFO und Zahle Dreher Thomas


CFO and Mana­ging Partner


“Wea­ther it’s a coo­kig event in our loft kit­chen, or a Christ­mas par­ty with the who­le team at the End of the year — smart­vil­la­ge is a place for unf­or­gett­able team-buil­ding days!

Unser Sales-Community-Manager Caio


Sales and com­mu­ni­ty lead


Our indi­vi­du­al­ly desi­gned rooms crea­te this cer­tain “holi­day” fee­ling. Even a working day feels like an inspi­ring trip out of fami­li­ar sur­roun­dings.

Unsere Sales und Location Managerin Moana


Loca­ti­on Mana­ger in Munich


“My goal: Tur­ning room boo­kers into true heroes! At the end of the day, they should get the credit for choo­sing the best loca­ti­on for their team.” 

Unser Carlo


Faci­li­ty mana­ger & Upcy­cling Specialist


“We have many examp­les on the cli­ent-side that show how our acti­vi­ty-based work­place design has con­tri­bu­t­ed to the suc­cess of a workshop.” 


Num­bers fai­rytea lover 


“Lots of cool peop­le and a dif­fe­rent adven­ture every day — thats smart­vil­la­ge for me! My favou­rite place? Our café — com­bi­ning fresh­ly bre­wed cof­fee, inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­ti­ons and a sen­se of community.” 

Robert at smartvillage


Sales Mana­ger and Team Buil­ding Professional 


“The icing on the cake? For me, this inclu­des our dif­fe­rent after-work spe­cials with fun guarantee.” 

smartvillage – An ecosystem of NEW-WORK enablers.

We see our­sel­ves as busi­ness enab­lers for the working world of the future. With our sus­tainab­ly-grown eco­sys­tem of out­fit­ters, event mana­gers, archi­tects, and new-work spe­cia­lists, we design agi­le working envi­ron­ments that chal­len­ge the sta­tus quo of semi­nars, work­shops, and cor­po­ra­te events. We are con­vin­ced: home office or the “clas­sic office” might be sui­ta­ble pla­ces for pro­duc­ti­ve work, but we’ll need a hot­spot for phy­si­cal encoun­ters, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, and crea­ti­vi­ty as well. A place like smart­vil­la­ge. 

Our history:                                       From coworking to a hotspot of agile meeting-culture 

We’ve always been igni­ted by the idea of rede­fi­ning the way peop­le work with each other. When we star­ted our cowor­king adven­ture six years ago, we were pioneers for a new under­stan­ding of work. We repla­ced hier­ar­chi­cal thin­king and busi­ness eti­quet­te with empa­thy, uncon­ven­tio­nal designs, and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on. The visi­on of our foun­ders: Crea­ting a place for inter­per­so­nal inter­ac­tion and bet­ter col­la­bo­ra­ti­on that feels like “home”.  

Three years later, we brought the “com­mu­ni­ty cha­rac­ter” of cowor­king to the mee­ting world and radi­cal­ly tur­ned the tra­di­tio­nal mee­ting indus­try upsi­de down. At this time, we had no idea how quick­ly we would reach our goal of estab­li­shing smart­vil­la­ge as second home for teams from dif­fe­rent bran­ches.   


Today, our work­shop cam­pus in Munich — ope­ned in 2018 — is a well-known mee­ting point for exci­ting encoun­ters, open­ness, and genui­ne expe­ri­en­ces. With our 2019-ope­ned second loca­ti­on in Fin­land, smart­vil­la­ge alrea­dy offers two indi­vi­du­al spaces for unf­or­gett­able event expe­ri­en­ces. Shaped by peop­le and expe­ri­en­ces. Desi­gned for future-rea­dy work.   

Our values

smartvillage is #HOME. 

We are who we are — away from roles, hier­ar­chies, and mas­quer­ade. We’re strong when we trust each other. One team, one goal. Our guests are part of the sto­ry and con­tri­bu­te to the uni­queness of our loca­ti­ons with their own per­so­na­li­ties. 


Our passion is #REAL. 

We enjoy hos­pi­ta­li­ty ser­vice and respond pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and indi­vi­du­al­ly to each of our visi­tors. We are drunk with joy becau­se of what we do. Authen­ti­cal­ly, we give our best every day and inspi­re the smart­vil­la­ge com­mu­ni­ty with our passion. 



We are gra­te­ful for our pri­vi­le­ges and com­mit­ted to com­ple­te cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty as one of the pioneers in the mee­ting indus­try. Our Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Task Team is working hard to make smart­vil­la­ge a gree­ner com­pa­ny and deve­lo­ps pro­jects that have an equal­ly posi­ti­ve impact on employees, our envi­ron­ment, our socie­ty, and our cus­to­mers.  


#BOLDLY, we design our future. 

We are pioneers for uncon­ven­tio­nal and inno­va­ti­ve busi­ness eco­sys­tems. We are dri­ven by oppor­tu­ni­ty and poten­ti­al. Chal­len­ges igni­te our crea­ti­vi­ty. We take risks in order to con­ti­nu­al­ly reinvent smart­vil­la­ge and remain successful.

Press contact

Wel­co­me to our litt­le press cor­ner! smart­vil­la­ge loves working with jour­na­lists around the glo­be to bring exci­ting and uni­que sto­ries into the world. Do you work in the media indus­try and want to talk to us?

Do you need fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on or more images? Then feel free to wri­te an E‑Mail to stefanie@smart-village.com. We’re loo­king for­ward to your inte­rest!


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