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Your home for workshops,
meetings and events in Munich!

Gang­ho­fer­stra­ße 66b | 80339 Mün­chen

smartvillage – welcome to your playground!

Your workshop, coworking and office spaces in Munich

Work­shops are dif­fe­rent with us! Move the desks, form a sit­ting cir­cle and get wild. Use every inch as you want. We are the second home for teams from dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies who are not just loo­king for rooms but who want to expe­ri­ence new work first­hand. At smart­vil­la­ge, you learn the cou­ra­ge to think late­ral­ly.

We offer you a chan­ge of per­spec­ti­ve which leads to awe­so­me results. We crea­ted rooms for work­shops, cowor­king, and tea­me­vents whe­re inno­va­tions can pro­sper. Agi­le and crea­ti­ve working make your work­shop suc­cess­ful. Come around and beco­me a part of smart­vil­la­ge.

8 unique workshop spaces in Munich

Smart Village. Your perfect event location.

After your workshops

Your day does not have to end with your work­shop.
Spend an unf­or­gett­able After work Get-tog­e­ther in our café or on our ter­race or rent the who­le smart­vil­la­ge for your spe­cial event!

That’s us.
For you!


You are a room­ma­te, always wel­co­me and one we always have a warm smi­le for and reach our hel­ping hand out to.


The­re is no need to pre­tend. Make yourself at home and enjoy being your rela­xed, holi­day self in a working envi­ron­ment.


We live and love our net­work. The­re is always some­thing going on at smart­vil­la­ge and you can’t avoid mee­ting ama­zing peop­le.


Our works­paces don’t limit you. they are desi­gned to pro­vi­de enough room for crea­ti­vi­ty, new thoughts and play­ful but pro­duc­ti­ve ways of working.


It’s like a man­tra to us: Move the desks, form a sit­ting cir­cle and get wild. Use every inch as you want.

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In good company

We are the second home for teams from com­pa­nies, cor­po­ra­ti­ons, agen­ci­es, and star­tups.

Our partners and outfitters

Our expert part­ners form the world of works­paces share our phi­lo­so­phy and sup­port us ful­ly in our quest to imple­ment new work in work envi­ron­ments.

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