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Shaping the future of work — why smartvillage and OBJECT CARPET are a perfect match





smart­vil­la­ge is incredi­b­ly hap­py to announ­ce the offi­cial part­ners­hip with OBJECT CARPET – a lea­ding sup­plier of high-qua­li­ty car­pets ope­ra­ting across Euro­pe and world­wi­de. Tog­e­ther we’re on a com­mon path towards sus­taina­bi­li­ty and extra­or­di­na­ry inte­rior designs for future work­pla­ces. Near­ly 50 years of pas­si­on for car­pets meets a start­up cul­tu­re rea­dy to shape the future of work. With a play­er like OBJECT CARPET, we have a stra­te­gic design part­ner at our side, with whom we can fur­ther deve­lop our cur­rent and future work­place pro­jects in a sus­tainab­le, uni­que, and unmistaka­ble style.


One of the first joint pro­jects: our room Berg­hain will be the first agi­le works­pace in Ger­ma­ny, that con­sists out of 100% recy­cled pro­ducts and is inten­ded to be a Ger­man light­house pro­ject in terms of cir­cu­la­ri­ty in the mee­ting place. This means, our Berg­hain will be com­ple­te­ly “DESIGNED4RECYCLING”. Zero-Was­te. For genera­ti­ons to come, and work envi­ron­ments to last.



Gerd, Lukas, Martin from Object Carpet and our interior designer Jutta during their brainstorming session about circularity in the meeting place.
The smart­vil­la­ge founder’s team Gerd and Lukas, Mar­ke­ting Direc­tor Mar­tin from Object Car­pet, and our inte­rior desi­gner Jut­ta during their brain­stor­ming ses­si­on about cir­cu­la­ri­ty in future mee­ting places.

A common history behind — a bigger vision ahead

Alrea­dy 15 years ago, our inte­rior desi­gner Jut­ta Reidl has intui­tively cho­sen OBJECT CARPET for one of her pro­jects. “At smart­vil­la­ge, we con­si­der our­sel­ves as living eco­sys­tem — for star­tups, SME’s and big­ger com­pa­nies. The­re­fo­re, we need tailor-made design pro­ducts that streng­t­hen that fee­ling of being ali­ve and being home”, says Jut­ta.  Sin­ce our cowor­king space has chan­ged into a cam­pus for new-work mee­tings, tex­ti­le floo­ring got estab­lis­hed as an indis­pensable reco­gni­ti­on fea­ture of our space design.


Today, OBJECT CARPET shapes the appearan­ce of more than 700 m2 of indi­vi­du­al­ly desi­gned mee­ting rooms. Bes­i­des our space in Munich, OBJECT CARPET was used for tur­ning 600 m2 at HTC Water­front at Espoo, Fin­land, into agi­le works­paces. Right now, OBJECT CARPET is also an essen­ti­al design ele­ment in one of our cur­rent cor­po­ra­te trans­for­ma­ti­on pro­ces­ses at the head­quar­ter of the bio­phar­maceu­ti­cal com­pa­ny Mor­pho­Sys. smart­vil­la­ge and its ama­zing eco­sys­tem of desi­gners, New-Work spe­cia­lists, and out­fit­ters are trans­forming their offices into future-rea­dy and acti­vi­ty-based work are­as. After pha­se 1, we’re now star­ting with Pha­se 2 – 2000 m2 and exci­ting times ahead of us.



Our OBJECT CARPET selec­tion for our cur­rent work­place trans­for­ma­ti­on pro­ject at MorphoSys!


What does our choice of carpet tell?

Fin­ding the right pro­duct selec­tion is tough. Each of our eight indi­vi­du­al­ly desi­gned rooms has a spe­ci­fic inte­rior con­cept — uni­que in its color sche­me and tex­tu­re. It is hard­ly sur­pri­sing, that our OBJECT CARPET selec­tion in smart­vil­la­ge Munich is the result of a lot of crea­ti­vi­ty, revel­ry in the world of colors, thin­king out­side the box, and ulti­mate­ly, working col­la­bo­ra­tively in crea­ting the best spa­ti­al effect for our dai­ly guests.


In the first place, we’­ve pri­ma­ri­ly paid atten­ti­on to evo­king fee­lings such as secu­ri­ty, inti­ma­cy, and well-being, through our cho­sen pro­ducts and their spe­ci­fic color effects — main­ly cha­rac­te­ri­zed by so-cal­led “natu­ral con­trast” tex­ti­le coverings. In our “Alm­hüt­te”, for instance, we com­bi­ned har­mo­nious, yet con­tras­ting accents by mixing natu­re (expres­sed in a wood-like car­pet area) with modern eth­no­lo­gi­cal influ­en­ces. OBJECT CARPET’s the­med car­pet worlds that take up natu­ral ele­ments like earth, water, and air, worked per­fect­ly for that.



Our choice of carpet at smartvillage
Our OBJECT CARPET selec­tion in smart­vil­la­ge Munich is the result of a lot of crea­ti­vi­ty, revel­ry in the world of colors, and ulti­mate­ly, working col­la­bo­ra­tively as partners!

Why is this partnership simply a perfect match?

1. Creating an atmosphere that feels like home

The visi­on of the foun­ders of smart­vil­la­ge: Crea­ting a place for inter­per­so­nal inter­ac­tion and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on that feels like home. Our atmo­s­phe­re should invi­te a sen­se of well-being and allow for secu­ri­ty and inti­ma­cy. With uncon­ven­tio­nal design pos­si­bi­li­ties, car­pet is an exci­ting pro­duct for this, and its value is just being redis­co­ve­r­ed. Plus, their collec­tions are high­ligh­ted vivid­ly in a work envi­ron­ment whe­re you usual­ly do not expect a color­ful car­pet to shi­ne. Brea­king bounda­ries and crea­ting the unex­pec­ted. This sounds like us.


2. Steadily on the green path together 

As smart­vil­la­ge is com­mit­ted to being cli­ma­te neu­tral, our sus­taina­bi­li­ty task team is working every day on reaching the goal to make smart­vil­la­ge a gree­ner com­pa­ny and to deve­lop pro­jects that have a posi­ti­ve impact on employees, our envi­ron­ment, socie­ty, and our cus­to­mers. When choo­sing a long-term out­fit­ter – sus­taina­bi­li­ty is the­re­fo­re of gre­at rele­van­ce.  Did you know that OBJECT CARPET has deci­ded to bring only cir­cu­lar pro­ducts to the mar­ket by 2024? This means 100% recy­clab­le design car­pets with no eco­lo­gi­cal foot­print. We’d say, that’s a per­fect match, isn’t it? Kee­ping up with the mot­to “Yesterday’s trash — today’s resour­ce-saving high-tech fiber”, OBJECT CARPET deve­lo­ps tex­ti­le floo­ring made of spe­cial fibers that trans­form was­te pro­blems into beau­ti­ful inte­rior solu­ti­ons. For instance, in coope­ra­ti­on with the initia­ti­ve Healt­hy Seas and the yarn sup­plier Aqua­fil, OBJECT CARPET pro­ces­ses aban­do­ned fishing nets into the tex­ti­le fiber ECONYL® and the­re­fo­re con­tri­bu­te direct­ly to the pro­tec­tion of our oceans.



Sustainability in a partnership is important to us!
Sin­ce we are cli­ma­te-neu­tral from 2022 onwards, the sus­taina­bi­li­ty efforts of our part­ners are of gre­at rele­van­ce to us!

smartvillage is clima neutral from 2022 onwords!
Click on the pic­tu­re to get more infor­ma­ti­on about our sup­por­ted car­bon off­set project!

3. Enabling people for the future of work 

smart­vil­la­ge works as a busi­ness enab­ler for the future of work. With our sus­tainab­ly-grown eco­sys­tem of sup­pliers, event mana­gers, and new-work spe­cia­lists, we design work­pla­ces of tomor­row. While OBJECT CARPET is our part­ner for trends regar­ding new color and design con­cepts, we crea­te agi­le work set­tings that are ori­en­ted towards the new­ly emer­ged needs of teams and employees. In a time, whe­re com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on is – at least to a high extent — taken place digi­tal­ly, our works­paces should always remain a phy­si­cal home for per­so­nal encoun­ters, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, and creativity.


Trans­fer­ring New-Work into design is an exci­ting task. With OBJECT CARPET, we feel we have gai­ned a part­ner who knows the chal­len­ges of the future working world, under­stands our visi­on and ulti­mate­ly trans­fers it to our spaces.” Gerd Krohn, Foun­der at smartvillage



Choosing the right carpet
Our smart­vil­la­ge com­mu­ni­ty gives us feed­back on work­place design and its impact on well-being every day. Valu­able insights for both partners.


4. Transporting common values through design 

Our cus­to­mers appre­cia­te our indi­vi­du­al and dyna­mic design. In our design gui­ding princip­le “Per­fect — Imper­fect”, the play­ful­ness of how we under­stand design, beco­mes tan­gi­ble. Devia­ting from the con­ven­tio­nal and giving space to the inner child — this is inte­gral­ly ancho­red in our values. Through appro­pria­te design, we want to con­scious­ly redu­ce the distance bet­ween peop­le and encou­ra­ge them to meet at eye level. With OBJECT CARPET’s crea­ti­ve color con­cepts, many new design pos­si­bi­li­ties ari­se for trans­por­ting our values. Tog­e­ther we crea­te cha­rac­te­ris­tic room atmo­s­phe­res that inspi­re, elec­tri­fy, and repre­sent what we stand for.


Why is this partnership a perfect match? Because common values built a strong common fundament.
Why is this part­ners­hip a per­fect match? Becau­se com­mon values built a strong com­mon fundament.

So what’s next? Let’s meet green in Germany’s first “DESIGNED4RECYCLING” meeting room!

We’re on an exci­ting and chal­len­ging jour­ney to beco­me 100% cir­cu­lar. Under the pro­ject tit­le “DESIGNED4RECYCLING” we’­re about to trans­form our room Berg­hain into a gree­ner work­shop room! With this pro­ject, we’ll set the bar for enab­ling cir­cu­la­ri­ty in future mee­ting pla­ces without limi­t­ing our­sel­ves in func­tio­n­a­li­ty and design. But what does cir­cu­la­ri­ty mean? It means that we beco­me a sus­tainab­le eco­no­my that invol­ves designing and pro­mo­ting pro­ducts that last and that can be reu­sed, repai­red, and rema­nu­fac­tu­red. This retains the func­tio­n­al value of pro­ducts, rather than just reco­vering the ener­gy or mate­ri­als they con­tain and con­ti­nuous­ly making pro­ducts anew.


”For over 20 years, we have been sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly loo­king for reu­se and recy­cling solu­ti­ons for yarns, car­pet pro­duc­tion aste and pack­a­ging mate­ri­als.” Mar­tin Böh­rin­ger, Mar­ke­ting Direc­tor OBJECT CARPET


We belie­ve, that orga­ni­zing sus­tainab­le events, work­shops, or team mee­tings can build a repu­ta­ti­on and demons­tra­te owners­hip when com­pa­nies (that book with us) can give back and redu­ce their envi­ron­men­tal impacts. “Peop­le are beco­m­ing more and more con­scious of the impact their choices have on the pla­net. We know that resour­ces are limi­ted so we must find smar­ter ways to use them. It’s about exten­ding the life of pro­ducts and mate­ri­als, see­ing them as raw mate­ri­als for the future and eli­mi­na­ting was­te at every level.”, says Mar­tin Böh­rin­ger – Mar­ke­ting Direc­tor of OBJECT CARPET. Sin­ce we con­si­der our­sel­ves as upcy­cling pro­fes­sio­nals, we’d say: Chal­len­ge accepted!



The concept of circularity
The con­cept of circularity.



Do you want to join our project towards circularity in the meeting place?

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