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The Evergreen Concept — Circular Together

        Every year, mil­li­ons of tons of fur­ni­tu­re are dis­car­ded by con­su­mers and busi­nes­ses. Under cur­rent models of con­sump­ti­on, one sin­gle works­pace can repre­sent bet­ween 300 — 700 pounds of poten­ti­al was­te — lea­ding to 19M tons of office fur­ni­tu­re was­ted every year in the US and EU alo­ne. At smart­vil­la­ge, we’re […]

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Introducing our new Managing Partner: Thomas Rumann

It’s a new year, and we’ve deci­ded it’s a good time to intro­du­ce Tho­mas Rumann as the new Mana­ging Part­ner and CFO at smart­vil­la­ge. Tho­mas will step into the shoes of Lukas, our co-foun­der and for­mer CEO.

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Fellow CEO’s, here’s why our founder can travel the world and still be part of the company

Lukas – our cur­rent CEO and foun­der — will lea­ve his CEO role to rea­li­ze a long-awai­ted dream to go tra­ve­ling for one year. Our reac­tions? A mix­tu­re of asto­nish­ment, sup­port, gra­ti­tu­de, and a com­mon fee­ling that he should pur­sue his dream. The over­all belief, that we – as a New-Work com­pa­ny – will make it work, that a foun­der, who tra­vels the world, will remain part of ever­ything. Even if it’s in a dif­fe­rent way.

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Let’s recreate the workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys!

After 1,5 years of main­ly working out of the home office, smart­vil­la­ge sup­ports Mor­pho­Sys on their way to a more open and fle­xi­ble office con­cept and accom­pa­nies the trans­for­ma­ti­on into a modern new-work environment. 

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smartvillage’s journey to climate neutrality

smart­vil­la­ge is hap­py to announ­ce, that we’re offi­cial­ly cli­ma­te neu­tral from now on! We were always con­vin­ced that paying off our emis­si­ons has to be the second step after chan­ging as much as pos­si­ble in our dai­ly pro­ces­ses befo­re! By sharing our jour­ney, we hope to inspi­re others to fol­low, as we have been inspi­red by others before.

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Shaping the future of work — why smartvillage and OBJECT CARPET are a perfect match

smart­vil­la­ge is incredi­b­ly hap­py to announ­ce the offi­cial part­ners­hip with OBJECT CARPET – a lea­ding sup­plier of high-qua­li­ty car­pets ope­ra­ting across Euro­pe and world­wi­de. The first joint pro­ject: the first agi­le works­pace in Ger­ma­ny, that con­sists out of 100% recy­cled pro­ducts. Zero-Was­te. For genera­ti­ons to come, and work envi­ron­ments to last. 

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Clubbing with the team — performing even better. The smartvillage Club Office.

Working remo­te­ly is a mixed bles­sing. The smart­vil­la­ge Club Office is a ren­ta­ble “flex space” solu­ti­on that offers small to medi­um-sized teams the per­fect com­ple­ment to “remo­te work” or home office to tem­pora­ri­ly meet and collaborate.

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Zukunftsvision für smartvillage 

Lukas — einer unse­rer Geschäfts­füh­rer — denkt über die Zukunft des smart­vil­la­ge nach der Coro­na-Kri­se nach. Die­se Zeit wird uns als Work­shop- und Event­cen­ter ver­än­dern. War das die not­wen­di­ge Kri­se, die die­se Bran­che gebraucht hat? 

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Was ein Coffee-Talk bei smartvillage bewirken kann

Wir haben uns mit unse­ren Bewohner*innen zu einem vir­tu­el­len Cof­fee-Talk getrof­fen. Die Lage ist unüber­sicht­lich und ver­un­si­chernd. Für alle. Die Quint­essenz dafür umso deut­li­cher: Lasst uns neu den­ken, ohne das gro­ße Gan­ze aus den Augen zu verlieren!

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Unser 4‑Phasen-Plan, um Corona als Team zu überwinden!

Das smart­vil­la­ge funk­tio­niert nur, da wir ein star­kes Team sind. Ein Team, das sich auf­fängt und auch in unsi­che­ren Zei­ten zusam­men­hält. Unse­re Her­aus­for­de­rung ist es, unse­ren Team­geist trotz phy­si­scher Iso­la­ti­on auf­recht­zu­er­hal­ten. Gleich­zei­tig wol­len wir jeden ein­zel­nen Mit­ar­bei­ter wäh­rend die­ser Zeit unter­stüt­zen. Wir haben vier Pha­sen mit kon­kre­ten Ideen zusammengetragen!

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